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""Nearly two years after it unveiled an HD concept at E3 2011, Nintendo has revealed early thoughts and visual intentions for The Legend of Zelda on Wii U."

"Franchise producer Eiji Aonuma, citing the scope and ambition of this new project, declined to do a full unveiling of the Wii U Zelda entry, but provided some insight into his team's mission. In essence, Nintendo is

"rethinking the conventions of Zelda."

Ideas like dungeons needing to be completed in order, and Zelda adventures being single-player only, are being set aside as the team focuses on "returning to basics." The goal of all this, Aonuma said, was to create a reborn Zelda - and more details on this will be shared as the game comes together.

But that wasn't all Aonuma detailed about his new Zelda endeavor. He discussed Nintendo's new visual approach for the game, which apparently is completely unlike the HD demo shown at E3 2011, but wasn't ready to be shown at this time.

Aonuma noted this still-mysterious

"new style"

developed as his team experimented bringing Zelda's many graphical styles into HD. The producer said over time something entirely new and unique evolved. There are many questions - and it seems as though we have a while to wait. No release window of any kind was provided for this new game. But for now, we have a brief glimpse into the direction of the HD future of Zelda.

It's clearly at a very early stage, but Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma gave us the first information about the next game in this beloved series. Promising that the team is "rethinking the conventions of Zelda," like completing dungeons in order and the series almost exclusively single-player heritage, he promised a newborn Zelda that will delve into the series' early history for its inspiration."

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"Wii U owners will be playing an HD Zelda game in just a handful of months!"

No, really!

"As officially confirmed during today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast, an HD remake of GameCube classic The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is coming to Wii U this Fall. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata noted that the game was meant to help ease the wait for the next big Zelda game (which was also revealed today and has no release estimate in sight).

The game will give players the option to play entirely on the GamePad, and will feature both upgraded graphics and Miiverse integration. Nintendo also plans to tune up the original experience, though precisely what changes that might entail is a mystery at this point. On the visual side of things, the game definitely retains its core visual style, but with the addition of some noticeable visual flourishes (such as enhanced lighting to lend the cel-shading a more vibrant, dynamic look)."

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"According to our source in Japan, Nintendo is betting big on the next Zelda game, set for release in 2014 on the Wii U. This comes from the same source that accurately predicted Wii U achievements in the past, and broke the news Nintendo was working on a Wii U social network, which turned out to be Miiverse. So we’re quite confident in this information. The source is from within Nintendo and has seen the new Zelda game in action. He’s impressed, to say the least.

The first bit of information concerns the visual style of the game. Many Zelda fans are hoping for a darker, Twilight Princes-like Zelda on the Wii U, but it looks like Nintendo is sticking to most recent Zelda art style, found in Skyward Sword. “Nintendo is sticking to the core values of Zelda, while trying to appeal to a wide range of gamers, casual and hardcore”, our source told us, adding, “They feel they’ve found the sweet spot with Skyward Sword, and they’re continuing this approach with the Wii U Zelda game”.

Wii U Zelda has the biggest development team ever

Nintendo has assembled the biggest team ever to work on a game at Nintendo EAD 3 in Japan. “They got hundreds of people working on the new Wii U Zelda game”, which still hasn’t Zelda forestgot an official subtitle. The development is once again led by Eiji Aonuma, who has been working on the game with his team since late 2010.

“It’s a 4-year development cycle with a new console, new technology, new engine etc. It’ll end up being the most expensive game they’ve made to date. It’s a huge investment for them [Nintendo] in money and manpower, this is Rockstar/GTA territory”. Nintendo originally planned to release the game in Fall 2013 to strengthen the Wii U against the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony, but apparently that didn’t turn out to be realistic. “They targeted a 2013 release, but quickly abandoned that goal. This is the biggest project they’ve [Nintendo] ever done, no way is it gonna be ready for Q3 2013. At least from where I see it”.

Biggest, most ambitious Zelda game to date.

The new Wii U Zelda will feature “about the same amount of dungeons as previous Zelda games, but these will be vastly bigger in scope and will be totally different from each other. Some dungeons are so big they’re broken up in 3 parts and will literally take hours to complete”. The Wii U Zelda game will also “have mini-games and side quests, but these are still on the drawing board”. Finally, the game’s composers are creating a brand new orchestral soundtrack with “hours of music”. No word on whether any characters will speak in the game. Regarding the story, he said “I really can’t comment on that [the story] because I have no idea what it is. I dunno where it’s set in the Zelda timeline. I’ve seen a grown up Link who looks like a much higher detailed Link from Skyward Sword. I haven’t see any cut scenes or boss fights either at this point. I’m not sure they’ve made any of that yet”.

“Some dungeons are so big they’re broken up in 3 parts and will literally take hours to complete”One of the dungeons is said to be an entire forest. “The first test dungeon they made was a giant forest running on early and buggy Wii U hardware — the dungeon was bigger than the Hyrule field in Ocarina, and the whole thing is one dungeon. You use the gamepad to navigate, avoid traps, follow clues etc. It’s dark, lush, with a ton of trees, foliage, some which you have to cut your way through. Its scope and details are unlike anything you’ve seen in a Zelda game”. He added that the Wii U Zelda game is so big, it wouldn’t be possible without the 25 GB Blu-ray based storage that the console uses.

“It’s a huge investment for them [Nintendo] in money and manpower, this is Rockstar/GTA territory”

No online multiplayer, but will have online features

Zelda fans looking for online multiplayer will be somewhat disappointed, according to our source. “Online multiplayer was never on the drawing board, they’re sticking with the tried and tested Zelda formula. It’ll have some online features like Miiverse and some sort of system where players can leave hints and help each other in the dungeons. That’s about it”.

The online component is still very much on the drawing board, according to our insider. “As far as I know, none of this [online] stuff has begun development as of Summer 2012. It’s still on paper only and will probably be one of the last things they’ll add. It’s not a big priority for them. Unless they got some separate team elsewhere working on it”.

HD graphics, same visual style as Skyward Sword

Nintendo are said to be very pleased with the art direction and visual style of Skyward Sword, and are continuing this look. Of course, it’ll be in full HD with much improved quality compared to what we saw on the Wii. Wii U Zelda“They’re using a new, state of the art engine that’s being built from ground up in parallel with the game. It’s got the most advanced visual features Nintendo has ever made, and includes a lot of third party tech like Havok for physics and rendering middleware from Umbra (which was recently confirmed for the Wii U)”.

He added, “The Wii U Zelda stuff you saw at E3 2011 was just a tech demo, nothing else. I’ve seen none of that in the real game. The tech demo was even made by an entirely different team with an older engine”.

“Most innovative game ever”

The next Zelda won’t just use the GamePad, it’ll take it to a new level with never before seen features, showing just what’s possible. In fact, the game is said to have been influential to the design of the controller to begin with. “At least one of the hardware features added to the GamePad were solely implemented because the Zelda team figured out they could do something cool with it”. “Each dungeon will offer a different gameplay experience with the tablet controller” The Zelda game was designed from ground up with the tablet controller in mind, “Zelda designers started sketching out concepts as soon as Nintendo decided to include a screen with the new console”, he said, adding, “everything in the game is built around the controller and its unique abilities. Every single feature in the controller is used to its full potential. Some of this stuff is still in early stages of development, but they’ve already implemented enough to show just what’s possible with the new controller. They showed some of this stuff to key third party devs behind closed doors last year to get them to realize the possibilities of the new tech.”

The Wii U Zelda game will redefine gaming with its features and innovation, and will offer things that only the Wii U can do. “It’ll have some revolutionizing gameplay. It has stuff that would never be possible on any other console, and it’s not just one cool feature, it’s one cool feature after another. Each dungeon will offer a different gameplay experience with the tablet controller. It’ll be the most innovative game ever, they got stuff that will be copied by others for years.”

So far, it looks like an epic Zelda game. Future Wii U owners definitely have something very special to look forward to. Even if we have to wait another two years for a chance to play it."…

This news is a little old( September 4th, 2012)  but I recently found an article that was written about the same information earlier this…

Again, these are just rumors! We can only hope that this is all true! But that is all I have for you Deviants! Keep checking up on our page for any Zelda news!

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Nintendo creative boss Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed why a new Zelda game for Wii U wasn't shown at E3 2012.

Published on Jun 8, 2012

A Legend of Zelda game is in develpment for the Wii U, but only at the research stage, according to series creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

"With the last game, Skyward Sword, that was a game where you had motion control to use your weapons and a lot of different items, and I thought that was a lot of fun," Miyamoto told EW.

"But there were some people who weren't able to do that or didn't like it as much and stopped playing partway through it."

Zelda was glimpsed during Nintendo's Wii U reveal at last year's E3, but a Zelda title was never officially announced for the console; Miyamoto stressed that the new game would feature 'evolved' controls.

"We're in the phase where we're looking back at what's worked very well and what has been missing and how can we evolve it further," he added.

"We're seeing how the way that tastes are broadening in video games and you have some people who prefer more casual experiences, and you have some people who prefer sort of those more in-depth experiences. Obviously, as a company that's been making games for a very long time, we tend to be more on the deeper, longer game side of things. But really what we continue to ask ourselves as we have over the years is, 'What is the most important element of Zelda if we were to try to make a Zelda game that a lot of people can play?'"

A formal reveal for Zelda on the Wii U could be some time away though, Miyamoto hinted.

"We have a number of different experiments going on, and [when] we decide that we've found the right one of those to really help bring Zelda to a very big audience, then we'll be happy to announce it."

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Sources :Tom Hopkins at Now Gamer…
"Our friends over at History of Hyrule now have the first 10 pages of the Skyward Sword Prequel Manga translated! This prequel manga can be found within the Hyrule Historia book and the artist is Akira Himekawa, the same person who was the artist for the 10 other Zelda Manga pieces that were released in America.

You can view the pages over at History of Hyrule. Note, it’s only about 30% complete as of now, but the translators are working hard to get it done as quickly as possible. Special thanks to GlitterBerri and Beno for translating and editing the Manga. You can make the jump to see a couple of pages from the Manga, but be sure to head on over to History of Hyrule to see the full first 10 pages. Stay tuned for all the latest scans and translations from the Hyrule Historia book and this Prequel Manga."-(Zelda Dungeon)

IT'S JUST FABULOUS! :iconpervyghirahimplz:

Skyward Sword arrived in stores on November 19th and is now available, FINALLY!

I recommend getting the game as soon as possible if you don't have your hands on it yet! I've talked to a few people about the game already; some couldn't play it because they didn't have a nunchuck! So be sure that you have one ready to go for the game!

Sorry I couldn't post a journal sooner, I've been... a little busy with the game myself!

If you're a hardcore Zelda gamer get the special addition if it's not too late! It comes with a sweet Zelda soundtrack including fully orchestrated music from: Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, A Link to The Past, etc! Special addition also hold a golden Wii mote with a Triforce and Wii motion plus on it! It comes in a nice little rubber case too, it's pretty nifty!

So those who already have the game, what do you think so far? (Let's be sure not to put any spoilers in the comments! Thank youuuu! ;D)